The Importance of Eye Protection

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The majority of work-related eye injuries are a result of flying or falling objects or sparks striking the eye. Other common potential hazards include fumes, vapors, chemical splashes, and extremely bright or hazardous light, such as from welding. A job hazard assessment performed prior to the start of a particular task will determine the type of eye protection required.

Proper Use of Eye Protection

  • Always wear proper eye protection where required, even if danger to your eyes seems remote.
  • Before use, verify that your equipment is appropriate for the task.
  • Inspect eye protection prior to each use.
  • If you wear prescription eyewear, use eye protection that accommodates it. Prescription eyewear by itself is not a substitute for safety glasses or goggles.
  • When welding or cutting, always wear safety glasses or goggles underneath face shields or welding helmets.
  • When your work is complete, store eye protection properly and away from extreme temperatures or direct sunlight.



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